"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Albert Einstein


finding the balance between strategy and purpose
based in fact for the ultimate impact.
craft your message, share your voice.
dynamic & visual.
engage your audience and increase visibility.
creativity in every word.
the right mix of owned, earned and paid media.
be yourself, share your story.
navigate the complex landscape.
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  1. in ballet, a sequence of well-controlled, graceful movements performed as a display of skill.

  2. graceful, fluid and purposeful movement that demonstrates the fine balance of high extensions without sacrificing strong standing legs. 

Much like the ballet dancer's strong and graceful movement, Adagio Marketing is built on a foundation of strategy and grown through a fluid balance of creativity and authentic storytelling. A marketing consulting firm based in Williamsburg, Virginia, Adagio Marketing president Kelsey Sanders will shape your content strategy and craft creative solutions for all your marketing communications. From integrated planning and brand strategy to execution of social media plan, event promotion, relationship building and more, reach out and she will determine the customized plan for you.



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